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Thorin's Throne

Situated prominently high above the fine stonework floor of Thorin's Hall, adventurers will come upon the great, empty Throne of Thorin, named for Thorin II, known also as Thorin Oakenshield, King Under the Mountain, the last of the line of Dwarf-kings to sit within these halls in Ered Luin. More than 150 years ago (in TA 2845), Thorin ascended to the throne of Durin's Folk after the disappearance of his father, Thrain II. Thorin, however, was a King in Exile, his people having been forced from their rightful home by the great dragon Smaug. It is from these halls that Thorin and Company set out to reclaim their kingdom beneath Lonely Mountain (picking up a certain Burglar along the way). The throne, crafted by the greatest of the Dwarf-artisans, is a work of art unto itself, carved from the very rock that forms the foundation of the towering Blue Mountains overhead.

Thorin's Throne is one of the many discoveries players will find when adventuring within Ered Luin. Thorin's Hall, and the nearby Silverdeep Mines, are areas which serve as an important crossroads and meeting place for many of the races of Middle-earth. Dwarves and Elves frequent the area, along with the mysterious Rangers; many familiar faces from the pages of The Lord of the Rings have also been seen throughout the region on unknown business in these troubled times.

Thorin's Throne and the surrounding halls demonstrate many dramatic architectural and crafting styles, with a scope to suit the grandeur of Middle-earth's greatest craftsmen, the Dwarves. All around are impressive works of stone, intricately carved from beneath the roots of the towering mountains, then meticulously crafted down to the finest of detail. The Dwarf-mansion of Ered Luin is both a practical, common space for adventurers as well as an artistic marvel for exploration and discovery.

Thorin's Halls - Thorin's Throne

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